To the left is the pin-out for a cable to a Yaesu Ft-1802/1900 or FT-2800/2900 type VHF radio.  Other Yaesu radios may be the same, but I have not tested this configuration with other units.

Also download the full document set for the PiGate and follow the instructions for building and the initial system setup.

If you want to use the nifty case for the PiGate, download the 3D printer image.  You should be able to go to a local public library or college to print the case on a 3D printer.

NOTE: If you attempt to download anything, and you receive a message that says you are not authorized, this is because your web browser is stripping off the login username and password from the URL.  This happens most of the time with MAC OS software.  The answer is to use a different web browser, such as Firefox or Chrome on your Mac.  Contact me if you still need help.

Download the Raspberry Pi image file that you will use to install all the PiGate software.  This is a complete image of the entire Raspberry Pi operating system (OS) as well as all additional software and files required to run the PiGate.    It is a large file so it will take some time, depending upon the speed of your internet connection.

If you feel inclined, please donate to help support the costs of this web site and further development of the PiGate system.  I thank you for your support!

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